Each year, more than 50% of ALL hunter accidents are treestand related! Don’t become a statistic!

Did You Know?

  • Over 50% of all hunter accidents nationally are treestand related.
  • Statistics tell us that one (1) out of every THREE (3) hunters will fall from their treestand in their lifetime.
  • The sudden stop created by a treestand safety harness when falling can put over 1,800 lbs of force on your body, causing potential injuries to your back, neck, ribs, and other internal injuries.
  • Suspension trauma, also known as harness hang syndrome, can occur in less than 10-minutes, with the symptoms of suspension trauma occuring within only 5-minutes!
  • When suspended from a treestand safety harness, blood begins to pool in your legs after a few minutes. Your heart rate starts to increase to draw that blood back to itself, but is pumping even more blood into your legs at the same time. Given enough time, two (2) things will occur:
    • The stress on your heart will lead to a heart attack
    • Lack of blood (oxygen) to your brain causes you to lose consciousness and lead to brain damage or death.

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